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440 Rig Public Service (800)

900 Rig

Accessory connector Public safety mic Standard remote mic
  900 with Gold Trim  




I wouldn't buy another item from this organization 4 out of 4 Microphones had bad plugs on them. I had more into shipping back and forth. I can not afford to keep buying disposable junk. Should work for more than a day! Now this is just my opinion, I am entitled to it.They have the name right Mostley Fricken Junk!
Another On-Line merchant that does not have nor can they get what is listed on their WEBSITE - I DO NOT RECOMEND YOU WASTE ANYTIME OR EFFORT WITH THEM. In fact they are so knowlegable that they told me to TRY a local Computer store for a RADIO BATTERY THAT THEY LISTED AS IN STOCK! Or if you have the time call them and burn up their 800 Line minutes.


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